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VCSEL Drivers

SL 88002

The SL88002 is a multi-rate VCSEL driver optimized for POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) and PCS (Polymer Clad Silica) fiber related data transport applications with respect to various transmission standards.
The driver is designed in standard CMOS, operates from a single 3.3 V power supply, and supports data rates between 10 Mb/s and 1.5 Gbps.
The ultra-low power consumption of only 8 mW makes it possible to use the SL88002 in a single-package VCSEL/VCSEL-driver hybrid design
The SL88002 can be dc coupled to the VCSEL, thereby eliminating the need for any bias filters and saving costs. The VCSEL-driver operates over a
-40 to +125 șC temperature range.
To facilitate assembly in small form factor packages the SL88002 integrates all necessary functions on chip. Except for two external resistors, which define the I0-current and modulation current, no external components are needed to operate the driver.

Main Features

  • Multi-bit rate capable: 10 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s

  • Suitable for common cathode VCSELs

  • Low power consumption: typ. 8 mW @ 3.3V
    (35 mW including typically operated VCSEL)

  • LVDS interface

  • Single supply voltage: 3.3 V


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