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SL 83000

The SL83000 is a programmable serializer / de-serializer IC for arbitrary or RGB-video data, which can either be used to convert a 27-bit wide parallel input interface into a single serial high-speed output data stream (transmitter mode) or which can de-serialize high-speed serial input data to a 27-bit wide parallel output signal (receiver mode).

The device integrates a framer and an 8B/10B encoder, which generates a dc-balanced output signal making it suitable for either optical link applications or for high-speed links utilizing a single differential line.

The ultra-low power consumption of typ. less than 5 mW in the transmitter mode and less than 6 mW in the receiver mode allows to apply the SL83000 to power sensitive electronic systems.

Besides its regular operation, the SL83000 supports also a ‘Standby’ mode with a power dissipation of only 1 µW. If used as serializer, the standby mode will be initiated by the missing pixel clock. In de-serializer mode the SL83000 may be set into standby by either an activation input or, if this activation input remains unconnected, by monitoring the input common mode voltage at its high-speed serial input.

The device operates from a single 1.2V supply, only. However, the SL83000 offers the option to adapt its signaling level to a broad range of graphic processors or display drivers with help of an additional I/O-supply input.

If used for optical links, the SL83000 fits seamlessly to Silicon Line's
ultra-low power VCSEL-driver (SL82026T) and transimpedance amplifier (SL82016e). Together with this chip set a complete link (parallel to parallel, incl. optics) may be established, with less than 20 mW of power.

Main Features

  • Configurable as either serializer or deserializer

  • Parallel I/O supports either video interfaces with up to 24-bit RGB-data and 3 control bits
    (V-Sync, H-Sync, DE), or any arbitrary interface

  • Supports screen resolutions up to HD1080p30

  • Suitable for optical and copper based data transport media

  • Ultra-low power dissipation:
    typ. less than 5 mW (transmitter mode) or less than 6 mW (receiver mode)

  • Standby mode, with power dissipation of approx. 1 µW (typ.)

  • Serial data throughput up to 2.4 Gbps

  • Pixel clock range from 4 MHz to 75 MHz

  • Pixel clock edge selectable

  • Compatible to Silicon Line's SL82026T
    VCSEL-driver (transmitter mode) and to Silicon Line's SL82016e transimpedance amplifier (receiver mode)

  • Swappable I/Os for relaxed PCB-layout

  • Very low EMI

  • Available in 3mm x 3mm x 1mm µBGA or
    7mm x 7mm x 0.9mm VQFN-package

Application Note:

Application Video:


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