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VCSEL Drivers

SL 82027

The SL82027 is a multi-rate VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) driver IC for MIPIŽ M-PHY based OMC (Optical Media Converter) applications.
The device is optimized for ultra-low power, fiber related data transport applications according to the MIPIŽ M-PHY transmission standard.

The SL82027 is used together with the SL82017 transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with integrated limiting amplifier (LA) and appropriate photonics to implement a Basic OMC for transmitting MIPIŽ M-PHY signals. The device together with an appropriate VCSEL forms an OMC optical transmitter

The data transmission between the O-TX and the optical receiver (O-RX)
is done optically over a fiber in case of high speed signaling. In case of low speed signaling the data is transmitted over an auxiliary galvanic interconnect. De-multiplexing the signal transmission based on speed greatly reduces power consumption. The SL82027 receives the input signal in a MIPIŽ M-PHY compliant form and de-multiplexes the signal into two transmission paths based on signal speed. The device transmits the high speed signaling optically by driving the VCSEL. The low speed signaling is transmitted electrically over an auxiliary galvanic interconnect.

The device supports both MIPIŽ M-PHY PWM-BURST (in pulse width modulated format) and HS-BURST (in non-return to zero format) transmission formats.

The device incorporates an integrated programmable temperature controller which allows the automatic setting of the output currents to the VCSEL dependent on the ambient temperature. These automatically adapted output currents will ensure over a wide temperature range a high signal integrity of the optical output signal at the lowest power consumption.

The SL82027 chip area is approximately 0.5 mm˛. The device operates from a dual 1.2 V and 2.5 V power supply and is available in bare die form with an option for solder ball bumps.


Main Features

  • MIPIŽ M-PHY compliant Basic Optical Media Converter Transmitter (O-TX)

  • Supports Low Speed (LS) mode gears
    PWM-G0 up to PWM-G7

  • Supports High Speed (HS) mode gears HS-G1 (A/B) and HS-G2 (A/B)

  • Integrated programmable temperature controller for output currents (I0 and I1)

  • HIBERN8 Mode: typical 1 ľA consumption

  • LS mode SLEEP state: typical 25 ľA consumption

  • Ultra low power consumption in HS-BURST (High Speed) mode: typical 1 mW
    (5 mW including the power of a typically operated low threshold VCSEL)

  • Supports high VCSEL forward voltages (VF): up to VDD25 - 250 mV

  • Alignment Mode

  • Burn-In and Diagnostic Mode

  • Dual supply voltage: 1.2V and 2.5V

  • Available as bare die with solder bump option


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