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Transimpedance Amplifiers

SL 82018

The SL82018 is a multi-rate, high performance transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with integrated limiting amplifier (LA). The device was optimized for power critical optical data transport applications with respect to various transmission standards.
The SL82018 features a low input referred noise, which enables a
BER of 10-12 at 6 Gbps for an input current of 20 μApp.
This allows for an optical input sensitivity of better than -15 dBm
if connected to a typical photodiode.
As an additional feature the SL82018 integrates a sophisticated wake-up circuit, which sets the receiver into “Sleep Mode” operation with less than
1 μA supply current when no optical input signal is detected.
To facilitate assembly in small form factor packages the SL82018 integrates the photodiode filter network on chip.
The SL82018 chip area is approximately 0.5 mm˛. The device operates from a dual 1.5 V and 2.5 V power supply, a dual 1.5 V and 3.3 V power supply or a single 3.3 V power supply and is available in bare die form with an option for solder ball bumps.

Main Features

  • Multi-bit rate capable: up to 6 Gbps

  • typically dissipates 12 mW at 6 Gbps
    (dual supply mode)

  • typically dissipates 26 mW at 6 Gbps
    (single supply mode)

  • Sleep mode function:
    typically dissipates < 1μW

  • Selectable dual or single supply voltage:

    • 1.5 V / 2.5 V (dual supply)

    • 1.5 V / 3.3 V (dual supply)

    • 3.3 V (single supply)

  • Differential output voltage compliant with DisplayPort V1.1 and V1.2

  • Configurable differential output voltage swing

  • Integrated wake-up circuit with signal detection output

  • No external components

  • Photo current mirrored output for alignment purpose

  • Available as bare die with solder bump option


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